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.. , 2003. 241 c.
ISBN 5-85534-780-2
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And I tried. I painted the face of Christ; I did the Creation of Eve; I did the birth of this Beluga Whale in Stanley Park. I began, in traditional design, to have non-traditional subject matter. But it still only appealed to people who understood traditional design. So, I had to make that change. I didnt know how. Academically, I didnt know. It just was a natural progression of events of this person who desired to be expressive from himself rather than from where he thought he should express.
Kinch. That makes perfect sense. Your pieces are so infused with an energy or a spirit. Wherever you say that comes from, its obviously from a very individual place. Whether it comes out of tradition or your personal tradition, its very, very apparent in the
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book. And, again, from my point of view, despite the fact that anyone could recognize a specific landscape, a very specific landscape comes through your vision. Going back to Steelhead... When I look at Steelhead, its from almost a spirits perspective. It takes you out and above. Its just a very special print.
Vickers. The way I explain it is DNA. Science proves today that each one of us human beings is a part of every one of our ancestors. So we are part of our ancestors; physically we are part of our ancestors. The shamanic teaching is that the spirit of our ancestors rests on us. Its also the biblical teaching, the spirit of Elijah rested on Moses.
We are taught, and we know, there is another world: The Great Mystery, as Black Elk8 speaks of it. Who knows the Great Mystery? Its not important to know the Great Mystery. Its not important to get a seer whos going to tell us whats going to happen in the future. What is important is to do what we are supposed to be doing right now.
However, what has gone before us is part of us. So, the very act of creativity is a spiritual act. The very word inspiration I was inspired what does that mean? Well, breath inspirated us. Well, what is the breath that youre talking about? The breath of the Creator comes into us. When that breath comes into us, we cannot stop ourselves; we have to do something with that inspiration because its now part of us. It has to come out somehow! So, whether its in words, or deeds, or drawing or painting, it has to come out.
So, its all spiritual. The more you can allow, open, unblock yourself, the more that spiritual process will work. Something like Steelhead thats the name of that piece when that happens, you are, what Mother Theresa says, a pencil in the hand of God. I cannot take responsibility for all that comes into that piece Steelhead. I can take responsibility for doing it, but can I tell you how it all happened? No, I cannot. Its a Great Mystery to me. It came from somewhere back here, and it came with a huge inspiration. It was a dark, gloomy, gray place with rain coming down. This little guy in this river. But what was he doing? [in a humorous, storytelling voice]. He was standing in the water, feeling the rain, and everything was gloomy. And he had this dream of this huge fish that he might catch one day.
Is that not the essence of fishing? Who cares whether you catch it or not? Its all the feeling of it. And somehow, when I decided to put that steelhead in the sky, it put all of that together. I can look at that now, and I can intellectualize it, but that wasnt the way that it was done. It was done: I went fishing, and I came back
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and I started doing this piece. It was wild and wacky and crazy and out there somewhere, and I didnt even know why I was doing it. But I did. That is creativity! Thats what inspiration is! It happens. Its natural.
Kinch. Did you feel it at the time?
Vickers. Oh, yes, every time I do it. I just finished a piece just as you came in. The drawing went with my printer. I started it yesterday, but it had been there for a long time. It had been there since I moved to the beach in Chesterman, and the drawing, its going to be called Wickaninnish.
When I sat down to do this, I thought, Oh, Im not sure, but Im just going to do what I always do, and I lit my smudge over here and just smudged myself and cleansed myself and said, O kay, I gotta open up here and sit down and trust that this is going to come together. I had a picture of a beach, but what it is going to be is not the picture of the beach at all. But people who walk the beach will know very much what that was like: walking that beach at sunset. And they see the waves and the sun, and they see people walking; theyll remember; theyll feel it again.
And again, its the message that theres another world; there is another time. This time that we go through is just a very short period of time in our lives. And beyond that time that we cannot imagine there is something else. And this is kind of the way that I imagine it. The magic just unfolded.
And its still not done now. We have to mix the inks and pull the actual piece.
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